Monday, November 23, 2009

A weekend full of screaming kids!

Flora, welcome back to the world wide web!  It missed you!

Girls, I am sick :(  So forgive me for not having written in a few days.  Here is my little update...

Firstly, NEW MOON.  What an event.  I went to see the movie in the heart of Los Angeles in order to absorb the full Twilight experience.  My movie started at 7:30pm Friday night, so I thought a reasonable time to show up would be an hour before my movie, having already purchased the tickets online.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  There was a line outside each screening of New Moon within the movie theater itself.  So I ended up sitting right in the middle of all the teenagers that obviously talk too loud and are incredibly obnoxious (what is wrong with the youth today?)  Anyone who has ever gone to a movie with me knows that I like to sit in the very back and if possible at either the top-right or top-left corner, thereby protecting three of my 4 possibly exposed sides!  I know this is OCD behavior, but the theater experience is a sacred one for myself and I need to keep to my rituals!
Anyway, the movie was exactly what I expected.  More unsatisfying longing between the lead characters with heightened sexual tension, except this movie was slightly more guy friendly than the first of the Twilight Saga.  That said, I couldn't pay my boyfriend enough money to sit through 2 hrs and 10 minutes of this vampire love story!

Second, Disneyland was a real winter wonderland!  On top of seeing some of the world's most cherished characters, I got to experience my favorite place on earth during my favorite holiday season!  Here is a pic of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up at night with icicles... next time you girls must come along.  Also if either of you are feeling generous and wondering what you should get me for X-Mas, worry no longer.  I would like to be an AP for 2010.  What's an AP?  A proud owner of an annual pass of course!

xxx Rose

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  1. i went to disney for Halloween and it was amazing. Have you ever been to the one in Europe, Ophelia? or Flora?



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