Friday, November 20, 2009

Date Night With Screaming Teenage Girls

This is a special week for many teenage girls around the globe... The Twilight Saga Continues with its second installment: New Moon.  Of course, as a film enthusiast, I absolutely cannot miss out on such a phenomenon!  I am going tonight with a curious girlfriend to see what many claim to be better than the first Twilight movie.  I was extremely uninterested when the first movie came out and to this day I believe its trailer to be one of the worst trailers in the history of trailers!  I refused to see the first movie in theaters, and finally on a flight back from London I decided to give in ad see what all the hype is about... I will honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised!  I thought it was going to be TV movie quality (although with the progress of television story telling that statement has lost merit).  The movie did a great job of making you feel the romance and sexual tension between the two main characters and I am extremely curious to see how New Moon and the following Eclipse will compare, especially with each having a different director!

Personally, I am attracted to films with phenomenal scores and musical numbers.  You can tell by my top 5 favorite movies of all time...
1-Marry Poppins
2-The Sound of Music
3-Top Gun
5-Man of La Mancha

Also, if you haven't already, go see Pirate Radio.  It is the new Working Title/Focus Features film and it is absolutely hilarious.  It is directed to a slightly older audience than the recent trend of comedies, but it is a true delight and I highly recommend it!  Stay tuned for my review of New Moon :)

xxx Rose 

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  1. I laughed so hard during the first Twilight movie! My all-time favorite line was "Better hold on tight, Spider Monkey"! Brilliant.

    Enjoy New Moon!!

    xoxo O.



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