Monday, November 23, 2009

La Bohème

Ophelia brings us into her univers through her unreal ‘ab-fab’ closet…Through her fashion, style and ‘accessoires’ we learn a little more about this mysterious ‘Parisienne par adoption’
Flora (myself…yes I’m trying the snotish 3rd person…) has decided to welcome you to her ‘univers’ through one of her passions…interiors and decoration from around the world.

And how best, as a singularly simple introduction, to uncover this Eternal Intern's bohemian side. Often only reserved for vacations in the Balearics and weekends in the Keys, this ‘cote bohème’ has recently revealed itself in the most sophisticated of cities and classy engagements…

How to portray this ‘folie bohème’…The Moorings in Islamorada, Florida Keys is the perfect blend of sophistication and bohemiam chic, a most sensible representation of Flora’s ‘tamed wild side’ (hehe I may be a bit much here no?? Hehe I love it!).

Below find images to regale your eyes, dreams and perhaps future weekend getaway? And soon to come more fabulous destinations and interiors to reveal bit by bit who exactly this Flora really is…to be continued…

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  1. i would like to live in any of those spots you posted!



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