Friday, November 13, 2009

A (high heeled) Foot in the Door

Pleasure to meet you, Christmas Tree!

Rose, you are too funny!  I usually wait until after (American) Thanksgiving, but I am very much enjoying your pre-season cheer!

The winter issue (of that secret magazine I work) for dropped the other day, but since it has been months in the making there is no Christmas cheer in the office!  As soon as I am back from the Big Easy (leaving in 1.5 week!  Eeek!), I'll be all about the xmas festivities... and I'll start sending out my holiday cards (no photos or heinous sweaters!)!!

Flora, so looking forward to your imminent arrival!  Trop h√Ęte indeed!  There is no need to be an eternally apprehensive Eternal Intern!  Things have changed in Paris, but I prefer to think that they have evolved.  Yes, the days (or should I say nights) of dancing all night and navigating the tiny streets of the 6ieme to make it home before sunrise are definitely behind us, but this is the era of dinner parties with the friends we made during la vie etudiante, a bottle of wine entre amis at La Palette!  I'm also a fan of meandering and exploring pockets of Paris that are often overlooked.  I have fallen in love with la Grande Jatte so we'll have to spend a sunday afternoon "vacationing" on the island as they did in the famous Seurat painting.

That said, I do understand your apprehension.  I was so worried things would be different when I moved back and while they were very different (thank you, grad school!), I adjusted and you will too!  I do, however, plan on making good use of your visit and suggest we plan an ode to the past... complete with a night Chez Georges!!

In other news, I have thrown my hat in the ring for an new position at le magazine.  I dropped my CV off to an editors this afternoon.  Fingers crossed I get it. I'd be pretty embarrassed to have to pass by everyday knowing I was rejected!  I just hope my stellar resume and my eternal dedication to the mag will be enough to move my CV to the top of the stack.  Here's hoping my Old Girls' Club theory is correct and that it works in my favor.  This may just be that proverbial door you mentioned, Rose!

I'll keep you posted!

Talk soon, les filles

Bisous,  Ophelia

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