Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks for Calling

Good morning!

Flora:  How's life at la plage?  I'm so jealous!   I need sun!  We should arrange an Eternal Intern beach getaway!  Thoughts? haha!

Rose:  Our resident movie critic!  Thanks for the recommendations!  I cannot remember the last time I went to the movies!  I saw EVERYTHING this summer to avoid the parisian heat (only place in the city with AC!), but now that its cooler I can't find the time!

So amigas, big news!  I have a new, focused outlook on my future. What does that mean?  I'll explain.

I had lunch with a fabulous girlfriend on saturday.  This girl is the definition of awesome.  When I see her, I leave feeling super motivated and with a plan of action to get my professional life in order!  She's THAT good!  I can be a bit spazzy and frazzled at times, especially when I am not where I want to be (in life.)  Its always great to have that get-it-together friend who points out that I'm making things way harder on myself than they need to be!  You two are totally that type of girl as well, but the distance makes it so difficult!  We must definitely would not be eternal interns if we were living in the same city.... we would be unstoppable!  Perhaps one day the Eternal Interns will reunite in a fabulous city and take over!  (Nothing like a dose of world domination in the morning!).  So anyway, long story short, I am much more focused on the plan and would like to give a little shout out to the lovely LK for all her wisdom and guidance!

Now girls, I know how you feel about Thank You notes, but what are your thoughts on calling cards?  I had a professor who insisted that each student print some cards before the end of the semester.  I never did and I payed heavily for it.  There was one suck-up girl who printed hers immediately and she STOLE an internship from me.  We both approached the guest speaker after class (a former editor at British Vogue) to speak about career options, etc.  The former editor gave us both her card and the annoying suck-up girl in return gave HER card.  The editor was super impressed and I was bumped out of the conversation!  Can you tell I still hold a grudge?  Anyway, the point is I think I am going to print calling cards.  NOT business cards (which, in my opinion, have an aggressive, pushy tone to them), but an elegant Jackie-Kennedy-esque calling card.  Like thank you notes, I think calling cards are a nice gesture that has been pushed aside by electronic communication.   Yes, it is tres Victorian, but

So what do you think?

Missing you both,

Bisous, O. xoxo

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  1. where do you get personalized cards?

  2. in new york: kates papery, papyrus...a bunch of places. i would also recommend cranes? high quality but high prices.

  3. I love Crane stationary. I get mine from Kate's Papery when I am in New York. x O.



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