Monday, November 9, 2009

A Movie A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Flora, I want to join you at the beach immediately!  I hope you are very tanned and very relaxed.

My shoulders are all knotted, you can play connect the dots on my face, and I am a bleepin stress case.
I think a few months of unemployment would do me good at this point ^_^  Never thought I would be wishing for unemployment!

So to escape from my life of anxiety I saw a movie a day this weekend.

Friday night:  Men Who Stare At Goats-Amazing cast, but disappointment for sure. Less Jedi talk and more Jeff Bridges please!  I think the title was the best part of this movie for sure!

Saturday night:  Christmas Carol:  Fabulous!  What an achievement!
Sunday night:  The Box- Absolute disaster.  The story was so unsatisfying with no great reveal, but surprisingly had a FEW great moments from the director.

Working 12 hrs a day doesn't really allow me to explore the magical world of cinema during the week... so how do I cope?  A few addictions get me through the week... starting with House on Mondays, So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesdays, GLEE on Wednesdays, Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, and recently White Collar on Fridays.   Mostly though... GLEE saves me!  I don't know what I did before it came into my life!

xxx Rose

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  1. Guilty Pleasure: The Biggest Loser on Tuesdays!!



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