Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Escape Artist


It's been a few days, and let me say one thing: eternal interns, you girls are hilarious!

1) ketchup Rose, funniest msg I've gotten in so long!

2) calling cards? Haha Ophelia you bring a whole new dimension to calling cards...When I think of calling cards, I usually think of the kind that require you to scratch a metalic surface to uncover a super long series of numbers used to call random and remote countries of the world ;) I'm loving the concept! Trop drole!

Alors pour moi, the Islamorada air has been a blessing for my spirit, Hurricane Ida's winds have brought fab volume to my hair and the Southern sun has brightened my cheek colour to the most perfect hue. I'm simply happy. The one perfect thing about the Keys: the detox it affords. No stress, no worries, barely any BB reception = heaven!

The beach house has been my escape from NY and the realities of 'eternal interning' (or should I say 'eternal searching/interviewing') for the past 2 months - I don't know what I would have done without it!

It's so important to have somewhere to "escape" to, "relax", "destress" and "recover" during an internship/job search. I know it sounds silly, but things can really get stressful when in "professional limbo"...even if one is engaged and has the personal side of things covered!

So I'm clearly sounding like a therapist by now, but I'm being serious. I was chatting with a friend yesterday over a Margarita or two at Morada Bay and came to life changing conclusions! No, you can't just "escape" to the sun whenever you please, but if you have good friends you can escape through dinners (un peu arose...hehe) with them, or escape to another dimension through a particular sport (re: bikram yoga...worked for me...but wow...painful...!) or run away for a few hours with your ipod through a neighborhood of your city you don't know...escaping can be good, it can be healthy, it can be a necessity.

I've been lucky to be able to escape to the sun once in a while, but I've also been ever so fortunate to have a very small and very close trio of friends that have let me "escape" within the confines of Manhattan from time to time...ya no crossing the's just psychological ;)

Point of this peculiarly obscure post (post 3 margaritas): ESCAPE! Don't spend your life worrying about a job, an internship, other people, life in general. Worry about being happy and making the best of every second of life! GET OUT THERE!

Ok enough with therapy corner...back to the beach...ohh too much sun...ya I know...I'm sorry, sucks to be you :) hehehehe!!

besitos chicas,

eternal intern Flora xoxo

ps - Rock did indeed make rocky interview crumble to the ground! hahahaha! gonna need some calling cards soon and a refill on the Margarita ;)

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  1. hi Flora, Enjoy your escape!

  2. i neeed an escape

  3. is escaping reality really a solution? i would focus on finding something concrete...



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