Friday, November 13, 2009

Eternal Intern vs. Eternal Apprehensions

Christmas? Ma chère your Christmas spirit not a little bit premature - we are November 13th!?!?! Perhaps I feel this way since I just have oh so much on my mind at the moment...

To do:
- job search
- internship search
- church search (re: engagement = wedding = so much planning! Yes definitely “premature” planning hehe)
- pack, prepare, depart for Paris
- get euros
- feel sad about exchange rate
- get over sadness and pack some more…

Ok so that is just a snippet of what is going through my mind as I write…a snippet!

Funnily though Christmas is nowhere in sight for this eternal intern. Until Saks 5th Ave. will have inaugurated its yearly festive windows and the Macy’s Day Parade will have graced the streets of NY, X-mas will be nowhere in sight.

What does make me ponder, however, is this upcoming trip to Paris. Ophelia, I just can’t wait to see you again, but I can’t help but be a little apprehensive about going back. The last memories I have of Paris are incredibly happy ones. Memories filled with parties, drinks, dances, friends, more friends and random peeps who happen to become great friends! I was a student…and was student life in the 6th of Paris ever grand!

Now I go back and wonder…Will it be the same? Has everyone changed? Have I changed? Will I be the only eternal intern (minus O. of course…thank goodness for you O.!)…So many questions…so many thoughts…all that is left for me to do is put my doubts aside, head full-force-forward and relive the glory days!

On the agenda:
- living it up with O! (I can’t wait!!)
- an interview for a possible opportunity in Paris…(Rose I know I didn’t mention this to you…I owe you a major email…to be continued…)
- museum expos galore (ooohhh perhaps even a stop at Drouot…)
- wedding planning…(a year and a half ahead of time!)
- simply gallivanting around Paris, night and day, with the most wonderful Parisian friends (trop hate!)

Rose I promise to send pictures and perhaps even find some Christmas spirit I can send along ;)

Big bisous, apprehensive intern...xoxo

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