Friday, November 20, 2009

A few drinks later the winding path seems straight again...


I am so sorry for the silence...I am currently at my Bonne-Maman's in the deep French countryside. In order get a speck of cell reception or the slightest internet wave length I have had to make my way to the village's 'mairie' or 'city hall'...let me tell you girls - this is not like NY city hall!!!! Bref, I couldn't let two days pass without giving news!

Rose - félicitations ma belle!! et Ophelia...the 'little' apéro from Wednesday night...well let's go a little lighter next time!
Rose, que je te apéro with O. is never just an apéro...Yesterday's wake-up was brutal...and the train ride slightly painful! lol! But...the 'apéro' was def worth it! Let me explain...

O. really got me thinking...btw right and wrong, good and bad, ethics and fairness. Where and when do you draw the line?
As all apéros (next time you'll be with us R.) ours became a philosophical and 'Kir' enhanced discussion - instead of 'remaking the world' ( as so many seem to do late at night in cafés in Paris...) we decided to simply try to understand how our lives had taken the paths we are now following...winding, curved and pebble covered paths, significantly different from those of our French compatriots' straight line direction from High School on...

Our conversation led to an in depth comparison of French classmates and ourselves...Did we go wrong somewhere? Was it silly accepting that internship in Finance when ultimately I want to work in Communications? Are the French really smarter than us?!?

Subject #1 - Franco -French student
- has known since grade 11 what professional path he/she will take (sometimes with little choice...)
- has followed studies styrictly linked to his/her given professional path (memorization gallore...)
- has lived the horrors of 'le bac' and the sleepless stress of 'la prépa' (prépa // eternal horror)
- has been pressured pre-bac to intern one of the few prestigious 'grandes écoles' of France (we thought Ivy Leagues were tough...)
- has completed countless internships ALL STRICTLY linked to what he/she has known he/she will study since grade 11...

Subject #2 - Flora
- has known since 2009 what professioanl path she will take (she has given herself choice...)
- has followed studies strictly related to her interests in order to decipher exactly what it is that she fancies most (fun galore...)
- has lived the happiness of 'high school ' and the sleepfull nights of her 'undergrad' (undergrad // fun fun more fun...)
- has been pressured pre-high school and pre-undergrad to understand through trial and error what it is that sincerely makes her happy (not necessarily an Ivy League or Goldman Sachs...)
- has completed countless internships NOT ALL STRICTLY linked to what she has finally understood makes her happy in life, but experiences that have molded her to be an open-minded, well-rounded, adaptable and capable being...

Bref, following this in depth analysis (that I just had to share...) of our two subjects (and 3 Kir Royales later...) we realized...Ok, so we may be somewhat older Eternal Interns. Yes, being an Eternal Intern can be tough...Yes, Eternal Interns do ask themselves 'how in the world did [they] get [them]selves in this situation'...but at the end of the long and windy path, Eternal Interns will get their foot in the right door and be Eternally Employed in a position that they are veritably passionate about....

Soooo following this deep, dry and oh so serious post, Chicas, again sorry for the absence...and Rose sorry for the lack of attention on such a special day! Welcome to FUN-employment! You are an exceptional E.I.!

I must now return to Bonne-Maman''s brilliant to see her! She's an 85 year old little power house!!

I do, however, have oh so many stories to recount! I'll soon be back in Paris before departing back home to NY! Once we get this internet situation back in order..Flora will be back in business!

Bisous de la Lorraine Française!

Flora xoxoxoxo

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  1. Hmm ya the French are def not smarter than you Flora!!!!



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