Friday, November 20, 2009


Let me know if you girls girls get this text... I think I just found a slight bit of a window...surrounded by woods though...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why don't I have cell reception or internet?? Why oh why??

How in the world in the 20th... I mean 21st century do people not have internet?? My grandmother still buys her train tickets at la gare and her plane tickets at the travel agency!!! Aaaaahhh! Tickets does anyone find a job today without internet...I throw this question out to vous deux...I mean vraiment how would we ever find internship/job posts without the net? How would we apply to glorious studios, fashion houses, communication giants??? Internet is the new saviour, internet is a revolution....Internet represents my right hand...and without it...I am completely lost :(

I fear tomorrow may be another internet-less day...Not only am I annoyed by the lack of net, el novio fianc√© is beginning to get fed up by this lack of internet, skype, reception and communication! He is working so hard and I miss him so much! And oh my I must update you on the wedding prep! So much since I've arrived!

Sunday I should be back à Paris so by then I can contact you girls again....

Bisous de nouveau, F xoxo

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  1. we want to hear about the wedding prep!!! tell tell!!!!!!!!

  2. I should have been a wedding planner!



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