Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to Reality

Coucou les filles,
What to say…I’ve been on cloud nine all weekend, and only now am I coming back down to earth, to reality and to my senses.

And so, I panic: Engaged?!? Me?!? I still don’t quite get it…are you not supposed to have finished that “internship” period of life and be settled in a full-time job by the time you get engaged?

I shouldn’t be engaged! I’m doing everything backwards! I can’t be engaged and be offered internships! I should be engaged and get a full-time job proposition! No? Yes? I’m so confused - how can I of all people be engaged!?!

Actually, I can indeed answer that question - as I have the most wonderful boyfriend…err…hmm I mean fiancé (wow that sounds awkward too!). But seriously, I’m a twenty something catastrophe! My life is barely in order; I’m soon going to have to leave the country or face deportation; my income is ‘inexistente’ (as the Spanish would say…) right now, and I’m contemplating becoming a NY dog walker to make ends meet…

How can I be engaged?!? me, the "Eternal Intern"...

This said, I may be doing everything backwards, but perhaps backwards is the way to go for me. Life isn’t always a straight, direct, common sense path to success…sometimes it’s the twists in the road, the awkward moments, the “imprévu”, and the “inattendu” that make life what it is and bring spontaneous happiness and surprise to unexpected moments.

I am thrilled to be engaged. I am thrilled to be one of the first and only “Engaged Intern”…just as long as I don’t become a “Married Intern”….to be continued…

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