Thursday, November 19, 2009

Training is exhausting... I need a vacation!


I have been training my replacement for the last few days!  It is more work than I ever imagined!  On a positive note though, the response I got from my coworkers and the heads of the company have been absolutely overwhelming. The exhaustion from training about 12 hours a day, and the kindness I have been shown from the people I worked with has genuinely warmed my heart.

The details....

My replacement is much older, much more experienced and this is her first time working at a studio.  She was lovely enough, but I just kept seeing a look of hesitation in her eye.  What people fail to realize is that a studio is the opposite of working at a production company.  Studio's are large and complicated corporate monsters.  There is a lot of bureaucracy and a lot of rules and regulations that one must learn.  I trained her for only 3 days, and now I think that the more appropriate time period would have been 2 weeks!  I think she will be fine though, and I will be meeting up with her in a couple of weeks for a coffee and I will get all the juicy details!  You can just imagine how much I am looking forward to this!  I live for gossip!  Which woman doesn't!?!?!?!?

As for the kind response I was refering to above... my coworkers have shared so many kind words, that I had to bite my tongue to hold back my tears of joy at numerous instances.  I am so glad to have touched their lives and left such a positive impression on them.  I now have wonderful friends that I can rely on and are willing to help me on my job hunt.  As for the other executives at the studio, their response has been even more everwhelming!  They all told me on a number of occasions that they think I am a fantastic worker and would make calls for me anyday... I mean.... who would have ever thought that my references would be so f***ing impressive!?  Certainly not this eternal intern!

Today is my first day of what Ophelia so perfectly referred to as FUN-employment!  I took care of some errands that I desperately needed to take care of.  I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my chest.  The better part of this year has been extremely stressful and I can feel my acne fading already!

I must go now and enjoy the beautiful southern California sun ;)

xxx Rose

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  1. enjoy your time off, rose.
    we all get cought up in our work... so take the time to live like a european like you said.

  2. Go Rose!! So proud of ur courage and energy ma belle! Yes this is Flora...and yes I am commenting on ur that weird??
    F xoxo

  3. Rose,

    U seem to be a private person. I am just curious what they complimented u on?

    I am also interested to know if there was any dress code to work with these people.

    Good Luck

  4. I enjoyed reading your posts. I was surprised to hear that piece on CNN on unpaid interns. The two interns on the piece were very happy about their their unpaid employment. They look at it as an investment that will yield dividends for the rest of their lives.



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