Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Ethical Intern

I wanted to hear how you both feel about the notion of merit.  Does the most deserving person always finish on top? As you know, I have struggled very hard to get to where I am (even if only an intern).  On numerous occasions I have turned down offers through family connections because I strongly believe that if I want something bad enough I should be able to do it myself.  That is not to say I won't accept help when I need it, but I strongly disagree with employing cheap tactics to get ahead.  This is obviously not the case for other people.   Let me break it down...

There are two schools:

School # 1:
-Get an education.

-Intern, intern, intern!  - Gain experience so you can walk the walk and not only talk the talk (there is a lot of talk in fashion!)

- Make connections (through hard work!).  Show people that you're passionate about fashion and not just about having your photo taken, meeting models, etc.

School # 2:
- Create a faux persona and a series of lies to support the character you're playing.  Telling people you're a socialite when you're not is lame lame lame.

- Fake or exaggerate job experience and perform sloppy work when you are actually hired.

-Name drop people you don't know, fake relationships with people so you can use their reputation to get ahead

A person I know, who shall remain nameless, is a classic example.  He comes from the school of "corner cutting" and while he has climbed quite high in a short amount of time, his success is superficial and based on lies.  Faking wealth, a private school education, name dropping ... its all so pathetic!

So you may be wondering why this is my problem.  I would turn a blind eye and distance myself if I wasn't constantly compared to this poser.  I generally try to ignore the unwarranted comparisons, but lately it has been getting on my nerves.  I am working hard to create a respectable and long-lasting career, so to be put in the same category as a flash-in-the-pan is insulting and discouraging.

In any other industry (with film as the exception), I feel like talent and merit are rewarded.  This apparently isn't the case in the fashion industry.  People I have worked with know that I am reliable, genuine and good at what I do.  I don't rely on smoke and mirrors (is that the expression?) to hide crappy work and while I am charismatic and personable, I do not manipulate people or use them to get ahead.  So despite my frustration, I'll keep on keeping on in the hopes that one day this undeserving individual will be unmasked as the fake that he is!

With that, I am off to meet Flora for an apĂ©ro!  I need to vent in person!  Ha!



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