Monday, November 30, 2009

An Inspirational Descent

Rome…The Eternal City…Fellini…il Lago di Como…Ophelia, reading your Christmas wish list transports me right back to Europe, to Italy, to memories of summer evenings in Firenze, what a wonderful time we had together that verano…

Your wish list also takes my mind back to a most wonderful article I recently perused through in the latest UK Vanity Fair (you may love Vogue…but I swear by VF…). It was an article about the Ciprianis; their success, their failures, and the classicly-fabulous allure of this most curious Italian dynasty - a dynasty and story that took off with a world-famous name and bar: Harry’s Bar.

I read this article on my way back to NY from Paris last Wednesday. Sitting in the plane…ironically sipping a Bellini (apparently a recipe concocted by the Ciprianis themselves…) I started pondering about dynasties, fame, success…

Perhaps the key in life is not always to work for someone else…but to find a way to work for oneself, I wondered, flipping the last page of the article and taking one last sip of that ohh so buono Bellini. And, then it struck me: the key IS indeed to be one’s own boss!

Ok, so I am not a Cipriani, but perhaps that little entrepreneurial idea that has been resting for the past few months could be the solution to my Eternal Interning? Perhaps that little, wee, small but classic idea could be the beginning of a future Vanity Fair story? The beginning of success, the beginning of a dynasty!

As the thought crossed my mind, our decent began into JFK…I’m very much a metaphorical person…a little too much sometimes…but as we descended into JFK and as I worried about potential immigration problems (I cringe…) I was also reassured by the fact that I was potentially descending on a brilliant idea…a brilliant way to one day escape Eternal Interning…

To be continued… Eternal Intern dreaming a Florific Dynasty in Firenze

ps - O. I hope we're still on for lunch? I made reservations at Le Bilboquet! I can't wait to see u - the car will pick you up at LGA...

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  1. Oh Flora, you know I hold a place in my heart for dynasties and old school glamour! Let's discuss more over lunch! Can't wait! xoxo O.

  2. PS. Did I ever tell you about the time I had drinks with Guiseppe Cipriani in New York? What a night! Perhaps this tale merits its own post...

    x O.



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