Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Girls have wonderful Thanksgivings! I am also off tomorrow - NY bound as well…but unfortunately Ophelia and I won’t be flying together :( I get American Airlines…she gets Air France…lucky thing!!

I am sad to leave Paris, but I am thrilled to be reunited with el novio tomorrow! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder…and after a week and half minus el novio, this Eternal Intern’s heart is impatient to travel back to the Upper East Side.

Given the whole visa fiasco, the possibility that this E.I. may be Paris-bound for good in early 2010, and the resulting geographic separation from el novio for a YEAR AND A HALF, apprehensions are back on board, my heart is melting, tears are building up and my "preparations de marriage" will move full force forward in anticipation of a European reunion in the South France…juillet 2011!

Voyagez bien les filles et Ophelia see you in a bit for a café crème @ conti?

F. xoxo the third of the traveling interns…
Photo credit:
Robert Doisneau, Le Baiser, 1950

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