Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby All I Want for Xmas is YOU!

I can't sleep :(  I thought I would get a head start to my sweet dreams via this email, so here is my wish list...

I want to be...
Back in Tokyo where I spent one of the most exciting holiday seasons of my life.  The energy in this city is not comparable to any other in the world!  My love for this city cannot be expressed in words... I love the fashion, the music (I <3 J-Pop), the art, the lights, the language, the beer, the tea, the food, the people, the shopping, and most importantly the KARAOKE!

My family + 1.  This is the city where I first met P.  It was at a company Christmas party almost 3 years ago where we had our very first flirtatious encounter.

In Japan it is not who you are but what you wear!  Burberry even has a special Blue Label that is unique to Japan, and I would be in a Burberr-ific Winter Wonderland from head to toe!

Looking at....
The youth hanging about in Shibuya and Harajuku with their indescribably original styles.

Sipping a.. 
Nama Beeru Onegaishimasu... Sapporo is my drink!

Then I open... 
"Baby all I want for Christmas is YOU!" 

xxx Rose

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  1. my guilty pleasure is hot sake!!!
    claire xoxo



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