Monday, June 14, 2010

Paris with Mon Père!

Hello Darlings,
So glad to hear you are both keeping busy and putting Upper West Side Witches in their place! Keep up the good work!

I had a lovely weekend here in Paris!  No, I am still looking for a job and an apartment (Thank God for CS!), but ... my father was here!  He arrived on friday morning direct from JFK and after a fabulous weekend, he is now en route to London!  La chance!  Unfortunately for me, the Unemployed Intern, I must stay in Paris to find a job and an apartment! One can't exactly take a vacation from my "vacation" (aka current state of unemployment!)  So I put him on the Eurostar and resumed my usual afternoon activities of CV sending and apartment hunting.   I was temporarily distracted from the task at hand which was nice but now it's back to business!  I must say, however, that it's times like these that I am happy to be au chomage because at least I had more time to visit!  So what did this Eternal Intern and her père do this weekend? We skipped the usual tourist attractions and opted for leisurely strolls and delicious meals... Paris à la Parisienne!

On friday, we took in the France v. Uruguay match at La Palette.  I was surprised to see that one of my favorite spots in Paris had set up a huge screen inside for the World Cup.  The terrace was full of the usual suspects:  Bobos and the girls who date them, but inside, the atmosphere was completely different.  The normally reserved crowd had been replaced by a handful of rowdy foreigners (the types you would normally find on la rue Princess!) competing for seats with French businessmen and their very young mistresses feigning interest in football.  We returned the following night (for USA v England) to find la salle filled with even more rowdy Englishmen and the entire Expat community of the 6ieme arrondissement crowed around the big screen.  The perfect place to cheer on the American team!

It was also the boyfriend's birthday this weekend (Bon anniversaire, Global Gourmand!), so a nice dinner was, of course, in order.  No visit to Paris is complete until my father has eaten at Au Vieux Paris, an incredible restaurant tucked away from the crowds on the Ile de la Cité.  This little gem is owned and operated by old family friends (from the Southwest of France) where the ridiculously delicious dishes are prepared by Odette and served by her husband George.  We met them years and years ago while visiting the Blazers at their home near Rodez and since then Au Vieux Paris has been on the top of the list of things to do when the family visits me in Paris!  Next time you visit, we must go!  It is a true taste of Aveyron in Paris!  Trop bon!

And now, as I mentioned, I am back devant mon ordi, weeding through terrible apartment after terrible apartment!  Will I ever catch a break!?  I'm off to see another place cet après-midi, fingers crossed it's better than the last place I saw!

Bisous, Ophelia


  1. How lucky you are Ophelia!!!! Sounds like a brilliant weekend!
    C. de Sudbury

  2. Thank you for the perfect weekend!



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