Friday, June 11, 2010

International Pride

Good Evening from sunny SoCal,
I am just about to head to dinner with a couple of friends and wanted to send some love to my favorite Eternal Interns first! 

With the ultimate sporting event having kicked off today, I can't express to you the joy that has overcome me.  Did you guys see when South Africa scored their first goal?  You couldn't fake that sort of pride if you tried!

During the cup I will try not to think about my Eternal Intern stuggles or the oil disaster in the Gulf... right now I am just high on life.  Of course, I am going to the pub tomorrow to chear on England against USA with P.   Tomorrow I am English by association!  LOL. My true love, however, has always been for the French team.  I always have, and always will adore Thierry Henry.

p.s.  No news yet regarding my leads for a new gig although it looks like I will be returning to a studio lot, but not in an office this time.  Instead I think I will be a production assistant/intern on set, which I am stoked about.  I'm not getting my hopes up though, for now I am interning at a few offices that I used to work at just to keep busy!

p.p.s  Flora I am proud of you for taking the high road with that complete b**ch.  I would have spat in her face!  Kudos to you, my love.

xxx Rose

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  1. GO USA!!! I predict a 2-1 upset win!



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