Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the Upper West Side

Good morning chicas!

Ophelia how are things going my dear? Is the head staying up high?
Rose, So happy to hear that your back mi amiga!! You seem to be in super spirits!! Keep it up!

As for me my friends I'm quickly writing from work... I'm happy to announce that I just got my first ticket to London to visit el novio and help him with the move! I should be leaving in about 2 weeks...just for the weekend (well a self-imposed long weekend) and I couldn't be happier. This will definitely be a tough, but fun long-distance adventure!

Right after I purchased the ticket last night...After having put it off on for oh-too long... I decided to head to a small cocktail-housewarming-party that a few friends were throwing over in Chelsea. I quickly got a classically chic (wearable everywhere!) neat black dress on, threw on some Rossi heels and hopped on the 6 express down to 14th...I decided to trek the rest of the way west!! haha!!

I got to the apt a little later and was super impressed by my friends decorating!! Well no big surprise...S and F both graduated from Parsons, Interior Design Associate Program under their wonder these two guys have a brilliant place!

I quickly made my way to the huge and refreshing bowl of Pimms, served myself a more than generous cup when all of a sudden I found myself face to face with P (kindly put, P is a pain in the ass, who I've never been fond of...she's the girlfriend of a childhood friend and I've never really been able to stand her...but for his sake I attempt to tolerate her childish behaviour....)...

She eyed me head to toe (for some reason she always does this)....I quickly realised that she had already (at 9pm) pretty much downed half of the Pimms at the party...and then she opened her big ass mouth (and instead of saying "Hey!! How are you??") she...get ready...said: How's coat hanging going?!? (yes oh yes, the fart greeted me this way...)

Thank goodness I had a tight grip on my glass, otherwise I think it could have gone flying in her direction...And so I just stared at her coldly and really couldn't figure out how to answer....So I just said: OK.

Her drunkenness I guess made her quickly forget her ridiculously rude comment and she started chatting away on another stupid topic (as per usual)...but standing there, Pimms in hand, surrounded by fabulously dressed people in a magnificent 2 bedroom pale hued Chelsea coop, I suddenly felt quite like shit...

This ridiculous wicked witch of the Upper West Side majorly teed me off...

Not only does my Eternal Internship forbid me from having the money to have a similar apt...I don't even have the cash to paint my walls....or offer Pimms served in a crystal punch bowl...or better yet invite 50 people to come celebrate my fabulous apt (lack of space obliged...)....and finally, being categorized as a coat hanger....a coat hanger for heaven's no no... I know I'm better than that! It's sick how people stereotype Eternal Interns so easily!

I think a slight dose of jealousy also triggered her nasty comment...the girl is stuck working in Finance and is clearly unhappy! I'm beginning to think her pesty behaviour is linked to veritable envy...

I ended up forgetting my sadness and taking advantage of the evening to do some meet and greeting....but I'm gonna take a few months hiatus before seeing P. again...

Chicas - also, I have a few promising interviews coming up!!! I'll let you know how they go! Until then...back to work!


Flora xoxo

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