Monday, March 8, 2010

Still "just" an intern...

I totally forgot it was the Oscars last night! How did everything go?? Did Quentin win anything?? I seriously completely forgot, being in Paris and all!

I am finally back in sunny New York. I got in this afternoon after a whirlwind of a trip in Paris with my dearest O. Paris - as per usual - was amazing. The shows were splendid, the parties divine, but the weather...oh the weather! It was frigid!

As for our two parties they were spectacular! CR's retirement extravaganza was an absolute hit (all with the help of JPG!), and our Fashion Week cocktail was also a success...The setting was breathtaking...

Now all of this sounds absolutely amazing...but let me tell you, not every moment spent in Paris was as divine as French wine...

Remember...I am still "just" an intern...and although that fabulous status (or...the generous X group) did afford me the trip overseas, the chambre d'hotel dans le 8e, impeccable diners rive gauche and a pass to a few ever-so-glamorous parties...I am still "just" an intern...and thus, my role, at our 2 parties was anything but glam.

After a day of prepping, logistics, running around and setting up for CR's retirement party at JPG's, I spent the evening - no, not sipping champagne or tasting the truffled risoto, instead I was relegated to coat check...yes my dear EIs,...f***ing coat check...I'll spare the details...but let me give you tips next time you hang 100s of coats...make sure you keep them in order!! This may sound wackoe coming from a girl who has a Masters in Finance...but keeping the coats in order is key, especially when Sonia R's daughter comes up in a fury requesting her coat for a quick 'cig' downstairs...oh la la...

My coat check scare led me to do attendance at our second (and final) X cocktail...Having prepared the guest list in NY and organized every last detail of this soiree I knew exactly who/what to expect! As exciting as it was to see "les peoples" arrive...I was so sad to not be able to partake in the evenings's in moments like these that I realize how as an intern we really often are on the other side of the fence...

We partake in glamorous festivities...we organize elaborate soirees...we meet wondrous individuals...and yet we are still labelled as "only" interns...we are relegated to sometimes menial duties...we are hidden backstage...

Ok, I am not depressed. Listen I was insanely lucky to be able to go to Paris!! But it's true that looking back, I hope one day I will be able to plan, organize, execute and partake!! haha!! And perhaps even boss one or two interns of my own...oh the hypocrisy!!

Ah la la..ok with that I must go unpack!!

Bisous chiquitas!

Flora xoxo


  1. Hi, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm not an intern but my job is so near the fashion world but not actually in it - it's depressing! I would love to live in NYC (currently based in London) if you have any advice on doing the big move, please let me know! <3 your blogs xoxo A

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I'm glad you got to be part of it all though. Such is an intern's life..

    xxx rose



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