Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Drought in the UES

Ophelia!! While you were surfing the waves of Biarritz I was suffering from a drought here in NYC!! Yes, you heard me right a drought - NO water...

No, not a literal drought...but yet another problem with my cramped, small, cozy studio of a home: my water was cut last night! As if it wasn't hard enough living as an Eternal Intern on a meager stipend...added to that are all the problems that come with living in a decrepit studio of a flat!! Hehe!!

I'm luckily now laughing about this adventure, but let me tell you, you do not understand and value the importance of running water until you are faced without it. It's unbelievable...I had already had a stint of bad luck when I moved into this apt and realized the importance of "hot" water and "heating" ( not having hot water or heat in the apt in the middle of winter!!), but this time, not having ANY water at all was just too much! Fortunately, post-lengthy conversation with el novio in a panic, I solved the mystery and turns out someone must have switched my water opening closed.....fieuff...

So yes, no waves to surf here in NYC, other than the figurative waves of Eternal Interning and all of the troubles and turbulences that come with the "lifestyle" of an Eternal Intern. No, no upscale modern, no hight tech kitchen appliances (let along a full kitchen!), no elevator (walk...up!)...yes to cracks on the walls and the ceilings and squeeky doors...yes to hearing your neighbours come home wasted and fall over in bed in the middle of the night...yes many things I wish I could have said goodbye to so long ago!! hehe!!

But funny enough I realize that all these little "Eternal Intern" lifestyle tid-bits are also found, even in the lives of young, prosperous, ambitous MBA students!! Yes, many of those MBA students ditch their Wall St. financed lives of luxury to fall back into "student life" oh so quickly once 1st semester commences...Dorms, cafeterias, libraries, common bathrooms...or the roommate flats with dirty dishes stacked up in the sink and pilled on the counters, 30 year old couches with cigarette burn holes....yes oh yes...sometimes we "Eternal Interns" think we have it bad...but let me tell you...el novio has confirmed that "MBA" life isn't always all that grand either ;)

OK girls...speaking of which I must give him a shout...he's in exams and in a terrible be continued....



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  1. You guys are all super funny and fantastic!

    Love your blog.

    ~taryn xx



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