Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A welcome to Spring...on Spring...

Rose, I'm happy you've finally found your replacement - what will you do now? Eternal Employment calling? And Ophelia, ma belle! Profites a fond de Paris - quelle chance!!

As for me, I spent the most splendid weekend! A seriously brilliant fabulous friend CL was in town and along with a bunch of NYC Frogs (or shall I say frenchies...) we headed for the most memorable apero on Saturday afternoon...An "apero" that lasted well into "dinner" time and "drinks" time...From 5pm to a little past midnight we sat, laughed, rambled on randomly, laughed some more and seriously enjoyed the greatest afternoon/evening I have spent in a long while...

It felt so good to just let loose, feel free, and seriously have an endless "apero" over...hmm...4 or was it 5 bouteilles de Rose with the terrace doors open down on Spring St... Spring has finally officially come upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with CL and the frog crowd over one too many Domaines Ott on Spring st...?

Of course, no story or apero can ever be perfect - isn't that correct? Haha!! Or at least, this one way indeed, until...yes the dreaded "until"...I got to my walk-up...and decided (well past midnight...and my head spinning just a tad...) to check if I had any mail... Yes, I had mail!!

One postcard marked Shanghai from a friend travelling the world (lucky thing!!!!!!!!) and under it...there it was...yes...a perfectly sealed, print embossed, magnificient enveloppe....Yes oh yes, this evenlope came from one of the world's most fabulous luxury brand...the enveloppe itself could have been framed (or sold on ebay for a hefty sum)...

Stumbling up my stairs I began to try and open, oh so delicately the serenely pretty vain!
I thus waited to get into my studio...slump myself into my couch/bed, and there in a matter of minutes my "oh so happy" face turned blank...well from blank to mad...

The gorgeously expensive stationery was a gorgeously expensive way to reject me!!! Yes, to reject me!! I should have known better! Had these people wanted to hire me, I would have gotten the news by call...telegram even!! But a letter!?!?! Such a politely expensive way to rub into my face that yes my application was a great one...and wow did they ever study it hard...but no, oh sorry, no we have nothing that matches you!!

I was furious, I was mad...and so, I turned on some music and decided to forget about it! yes forget about all the negative that one can come across while being on the "Eternal Employment" search, and instead to focus on the good: the fabulous evening I had just spent, the wonderful stationery I had just collected, the great Sunday that was before me the next day!!

And with that, I realized how important one's attitude is, and its impact on one's confidence and humour!

Stay positive girls!!!


Flora xoxo

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