Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who What Wear

Who:  Ophelia
What:  Job Interview
Wear:  This outfit!

Ophelia's Outfits

Coat: I'm a big fan of coats. What's the point of wearing a fabulous outfit if its hidden under an unattractive coat? In this case, what's on the outside does count!  

Shoes: I love statement shoes. I have a lucky pair that I wear to almost every interview and they are always a point of conversation! This summer, at an interview, the woman said she recognized me because of the shoes because I wore them in my ELLE piece. Obviously I got the job!  

Pencil skirt: A girl I knew once told me she didn't own a pencil skirt. I looked at her like she was an alien! Mind-boggling.

Planner: Smythson of course. I can't imagine going to an interview without one. Its always nice to be able to note your start date when you get the job on the spot!  

Calling cards: Obviously. Tell me its not super classy to thank the interviewer and give her your personalized calling card before you leave! Don't forget to send your thank you card after! Oh, and another idea... include a letter of recommendation with the Thank You card! An added reminder that you are polite and fabulous!  

Bag: If you own a YSL muse.... why would you ever leave home without it!? ha!  

I hope I succeed in this challenge, Flora!  
xoxo Ophelia

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