Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going once, going twice...sold to the unnpaid intern!

Chicas, I just read the most shocking article!

I know that the intern market is becoming a prosperous one, and I have heard of 'intern agencies' - where you pay a fee to actually FIND an unpaid internship...but this latest news blows me away: Versace recently auctioned off the opportunity to BE an UNPAID intern in their offices...

The article states: the internship will be "unpaid and requires paperwork for college credit. Duration is for 1 semester in the Fall, Spring, or Summer".

Now come's one thing to be offered an unpaid internship through merit and a proper application (re: Ophelia's recent influx of internship offers!), but it's quite another to purchase this opportunity at auction!

I mean come on, how high would you bid for such an experience?!? What has this world come to!?!

Signing off for now...due to utter confusion...

F. xoxo


  1. hmm, glad to read your thoughts. i turned one down last week. didn't seem like the right move for me.

  2. This is BEYOND ridiculous! I am stunned! I cannot believe the world of internships has come to this! Terrible!! x Ophelia



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