Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riding Along in Her Automobile...

Good morning, Eternal Interns!

Happy Weekend!  Flora, I would love to go shopping with you in Tokyo any day, just name the time and place!  How was the second week at the new gig?  And, O, hope you are enjoying every minute of FUN-employment?

Well, my week was extremely long!  By midday on Friday, I could barely think straight!  
I pretty much spent the entire week behind the wheel of a car driving around the producer, the talent, and most impressively... the producer's 3 year old child!  Oh joy!  It doesn't sound very glorious, but, as the point of any internship is to network to the best of my abilities, I actually enjoyed all the face time I had with my boss!  I feel as though we bonded in an informal environment, and driving cars that are 5 times as expensive as mine can also be fun in a city where driving is the ultimate delight!  I've decided that after saving for a nicer apartment, I am definitely upping my quality of life with a SEXY new convertible!

So what am I doing with my first day of freedom of the week?  Hitting the road!  Thelma and Louis style...

A fellow assistant and I are hitting the Pacific Coast Highway  this morning with absolutely NO plans, and NO intentions of making any.... We will be... Riding along in her automobile-With no particular place to go!.  We know we want to head North, but that is about all we know at this point!  

Well, I must run!  Got a lot of driving to do!
xxx Rose

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