Monday, November 1, 2010

An Eternal Intern Conundrum

Hola Chicas!

Ophelia, what a brilliant weekend - so jealous!! I'd love to spend my weekends in Champagne!

As for me girls, big news!! Haha! This is actually kind of funny and you may laugh...but my boss just came up to me and announced that I'm getting an intern! Haha!

It sounds a little crazy at the moment... she literally just came by my desk a few minutes ago... If there's anyone I wanted to announce this to, asap, it's you guys!

When she told me, I just kind of looked at her, in a bit of shock (I def tried to hide the expression on my face...)...I mean how is it, that I, an Eternal intern just a few months now getting my own intern? And honestly... having been that 'Eternal Intern' for so long, I don't really know how I feel about having someone work for me 5 days a week for a teeny stipend... no benefits... and no security...

I also know that should I 'get' this intern, there are no hopes that his/her internship will ever become a full-time position. It doesn't matter how amazing he/she fabulous he/she proves to be...The fact is, that this office has once again just frozen employment and any hopes that an internship could eventually lead to a job... are dead!

On the one hand I see this opportunity to finally have 'my own' intern, absolutely amazing and a veritable victory....yet, on the other, I feel like somewhat of a traitor to the 'Eternal Intern' community...I know how hard it is to be an intern, I know the ups and the downs, I know the good and the bad....I also know the reality of this proposed internship and the fact that no concrete job offer can stem from it for a potential candidate....

What do I do?

Back to work....

Flora xoxo

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