Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I love NYC

Well Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year my friends!

How have your holidays been? How is it being home with the family?

I’ve been stuck in the city this holiday season…no vaca for me :( But to tell you the truth I don’t quite mind it. NY has been incredibly cozy and of all the places in the world, it’s the happiest place for me to be on Christmas!

My family was in town for the celebrations, and for the first time in such a long time we decided to take a carriage ride through Central Park. On any other day you have more horses waiting for a ride in the park than you have tourists ready to cash out for the expensive ride…But I couldn’t believe it! On Christmas day we literally had to wait over an hour to get a horse and carriage to take us for a stroll in the park! We waited in the cold…hot cocoa in hand…but it was well worth the fee and tip!

It was absolutely magical! You forget NY’s beauty, magic and Central Park’s serenity when you work in this city. You get so over consumed by everything: competition, money, positions, superficiality…you forget to open your eyes, stop a second, breath and see NY for what it really is! This was the highlight of my Xmas weekend and pretty much one of the best Xmas gifts I could have gotten!

Work started today again…but this time as I walked to work, down the park, past the zoo and the seals…I stopped…breathed…and savoured NY! I love this city!!

Happy holidays!

Flora xoxo

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