Monday, April 9, 2012

Always An Eternal Intern

Ladies, reading your emails has made me laugh out loud.  What a miserable bunch we can be.  I too am in desperate need for a change.  We all know that I work for pennies as an intern.  Since we arrived to Londontown...  the director has been (to quote the locals) taking the piss!  I am working 12 hour days as we are shooting.  7-7 is the norm.  I would be able to cope with it if I were being compensated appropriately, but alas that is too much to ask in this climate... for fucks sake, his assistant that we left behind in lala-land is making at least triple what I do and she just gets to house sit for him until we return.  Most days I don't mind the grind... always keep my eyes on the prize, but today my eternal intern rage has surfaced.  Most possibly because my last pay check was less than that of a fast food salesman!!!

What is it with us?  Are we spoiled?  Because it seems to me that we have been paying our dues, be it in internship or entry level job capacity, for way too long.  In fact, I don't remember a time before I was paying my dues! Ha!

I have been dreaming of moving to a beach lately.  Just drop everything and live in a paradise.  Maybe become a yoga instructor?  Dog walker?  At least I won't have to pay my dues any more... whatever that means!  Move with me ladies.  Imagine after all this time... No more LA, NYC, Paris... we should all just put our resources together and move to a paradise and live happily ever after!

Who am I kidding?!?!?!  I love this bloody industry!  I've got another couple of years of endurance left in me before I definitively throw in the towel and become a yoga instructor in Bali!  

Chin up ladies! 

Cheers to the adventures ahead!




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