Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Mid Week Rant

Ophelia,  with my obsession with Disney being what it is, I loved reading your last email.   We all deserve our change with a prince!

I've just had an argument with a workmate and I just wanted to let off some steam.

Basically, she posted on her Facebook about the black rhino being extinct.  Tragic.  Agreed.  Spread the word. Agreed.  However, that was not the true intention of the post.  She posted it to get as many Likes and Shares as possible. I know she did, because I am guilty of the same.  How bloody pathetic is that?  I mean, doesn't it just make you hate our generation and ourselves?  We have a superficial interest in the issues that actually make a difference to our planet and our future, but then about a second later we are all thinking about when our next hair appointment needs to be scheduled.

On the other hand, I have bills to pay and meetings to keep.  I can't just let go of everything that I have worked so hard for and donate my time and energy to a noble cause.  Or can I?  Others do it.  They are true heroes in my eyes.

My colleague thinks I am now a blazing hippy!  Haha.  So what if I am.  It just so happens that I like our planet the way it is!  Is that so crazy?  We just don't think about things anymore.  Not really.  We think about it enough to post it on Facebook to prove to others that we are sensitive and smarter than the rest!  Most importantly, we need to prove it to ourselves. Well... I've had enough.  It's all so boring!
What am I going to do about it?  Nothing for now...  But who knows.  Maybe a big change is around the corner for this aspiring filmmaker.

Well, that's enough of a moan for a Wednesday morning.
It's raining in London! SHOCK!
Maybe it is just the rain talking.

Love you ladies.  Miss you.  Always.


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