Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to dress?


I’ve been MIA in Miami, but hell has it ever been a fun time! D. and I have been moving and schmoozing non-stop and I am now seriously ready for the 3 hour flight home!

Where to start…? Friday night at the Mondrian, a cocktail thrown by this Venezuelan collector, Saturday we went cruising through Wynwood for some gallery hopping, followed by some gallivanting through Photo Miami (I was looking for some Peter Beard African scenes, but no such luck!), and Saturday night, exhausted but pumped with Miami Beach energy we dined with some of D.’s ‘artsy’ friends on the M. Beach at Casa Tua…OMG brilliantly decorated by this awesome new Colombian artist, who Ophelia you would love! He is an ex-fashion photographer and uses his photographic talent, along with fashion scenes to create the most wondrous pieces of contemporary art…a voir absolument!

Today was much more low-key…we drove to the Beach House to spend the day away from the crowds and the noise, and relaxed!

One thing I realized this weekend, however, is how fashion changes from one industry to another! It’s crazy! I mean, seriously, if I were to work in the Art world (by that I mean galleries…the secondary market) - I really don’t know how I would dress! These contemporary peeps, are such hipsters, whose uniforms include all black attire, ubber-tight jeans, almost dirty looking shirts (prob worth 3 digits), big sunglasses and of course ‘the’ must-have accessory: the big telescopic camera (which most, probably don’t know how to use!). Haha!

Now I know that the more 20th century art scene is the diametric contrast, with respect to fashion (classic, chic, elegant - more me!), but one question popped into my mind this weekend: How the hell would one dress for an interview at a Contemporary Art gallery!? Show up in beaten down jeans; your boyfriend’s pyjama shirt; those shoes you were gonna give to charity last year? I mean seriously this is crazy!

And so I wonder, what is the interview attire protocol in different industries? I would assume a Jcrew/Lilly Pulitzer type would have trouble landing a job at Damien Hirst’s studio…just as a Levis-wearing kid would likely not land a gig in investment banking!

So where does one draw the line? How do you know what is appropriate or what is not? Ophelia and Rose you know this question is directed at you! Get to your drawing boards out and let me know what is respectable in your ‘milieu”.

Must jet, they’ve just called me to board! Arrivederci!

Flora xoxo

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