Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Independent Weekend

As P works on weekends, and with LA being saturated with flakes, I am excited to say that this Eternal Intern is enjoying an independent weekend!  Nothing exciting planned, but even just having a quiet morning to sleep in and enjoy my morning skim milk latte is extremely refreshing, not to mention relaxing!  The sorrows of working 13 hour days trying to organize someone else's life while mine gets neglected are slowly melting away.  Instead I am making the effort to enjoy the little things because, I truly believe, that it is essential for every woman to have the ability to happily spend time with herself!   So what am I doing with my afternoon?  Going to walk to the Arclight Hollywood theaters and enjoy an afternoon showing of An Education, after which I might indulge in a chai latte and go for a wonder by Santa Monica's 3rd street promenade and enjoy some window shopping (If I am lucky I might even catch the sunset on the Pacific).  

xxx Rose
p.s.  hope you girls are enjoying your exciting getaways!  You are missed!

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