Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interned out!

Dearest Flora, you are so NOT the Meatpacking District!  After a tough day at work, I am starting to think that Eternal Interning has run its course!  I am interned out!  I think I need a dinner with you and D. (miss her!) to remind me that I should be enjoying every minute!

And lovely Rose,  I feel like we haven't spoken in a zillion years!  How was the film?  I have a challenge for you:  If you could pick a film that represented each decade (let's say 50s-present) which would you choose?  Huge question, I know, but I tried to do it and could only come up with Brat Pack movies for the 80s!  I heart Jake Ryan.

Sweet dreams, lovelies!  x. O

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