Thursday, December 3, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I know your first instict is to laugh at the absurdity of Las Vegas being a dream getaway, but for myself it is the city of ultimate relaxation and fun.  When in Vegas the reality of your mundane life is so far away, and the neverending sounds of the slot machines will drown out any stress!

My perfect day in Vegas would begin with a breakfast at the Bouchon in The Venetian Hotel (where I would be staying of course!) The culinary experiences in the city are reason enough to escape to this inexplicable adult playground in the middle of the desert!

After a gorgeous breakfast and perhaps some time poolside, my afternoon would be split between a 5 star visit to the spa, a few margharitas served to me by the themed cocktail waitresses, a few rounds of slot machines, designer shoe shopping, shopping in general, more drinks, more relaxing... in general living by breaking every social rule of a corporate life.  Vegas is where adults can bend the rules and let their inner tiger lose (if you haven't seen the Hangover-I suggest you do it now!)

A trip to Vegas would not be complete without catching at least one of the breathtaking water shows that the Bellagio offers to the public for free.   If you are lucky you can catch a tune that might take you back to a magical time in your life and for those couple of minutes, your mind will go blank-----------  Is there a greater joy in the world than a couple of minutes of inspiring nothingness?

An evening show is a necessity to complete the Vegas experience, be it Cirque de Soleil or a musical legend like Elton John, after which you can escape to your room, order a bottle of champaigne with your friends, experience the incomparable Vegas club scene, hit the casino floor, Karaoke.... if you can imagine it, Vegas has it! 

And the best part of this vacation....WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS ;)

xxx Rose

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Vegas! x Ophelia

  2. me too! I've never been...EI reunion?? off to Mia now...Art Basel here I come!! I love this time of the year!
    xoxo Flora

  3. Just tell me when!
    xxx Rose



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