Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Fake Perfectionist in the Intern 'Ring'

Mis amigas,

Yes, my frame of mind has been “relax…take it eeeeeaaassyyyy” (a cue from Mika!) lately…simplicity of course…but permit me a single rant this evening! Today was anything but “eeeeaaaassssyy”!

Have you ever been confronted with a “fake perfectionist”? By that I mean, the girl/guy who pretends he/she is just absolutely perfect; does everything right; keeps a straight face and really looks like the ‘model’ individual/worker…yet in reality this perfection is only a fa├žade…this "fake perfectionist" is one who appears so perfect from the outside (to bosses of course) but behind the scenes - behind their backs - actually does (excuse my French…) ‘shit all’!!!!

Well chicas, I’ve definitely met my friggin little match today!! I was set to work on a project with an intern from a different department. She seemed sweet, innocent, kind and good natured….(at first that is)…until I found out she is secretly a major lazy ass!! Her work hours and concentration revolve around when superiors pass into the office and behind her desk…otherwise she is scanning facebook, checking gmail, perusing Gilt Group

When the boss, however, is present in the office, she is like a little gerbil running in a wheel. She doesn’t stop; her smile is too big for her face; she’s too eager; and ironically she’s bossy!! Yes, the "fake perfectionist" permits herself to boss people around, when in actual fact she does nada cuando el office is empty!!

What hypocrisy! What scandal! And sadly, it’s interns like me that pick up the slack for interns like her!! Incidentally, 3 years ago…as a novice intern…I would have sucked it up…I would have covered her work and said nothing about…hahahehehihi…how times change! I’m not a novice anymore! I’m not a freshman…"fake perfectionist" you get ready…the fight is about to begin!!!

Flora xoxo

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  1. Oooh Flora! I love this devilish side of you! Let her have it! You're the senior intern around those parts! Bisous x x x Ophelia



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