Monday, January 11, 2010

Eternal Simplicity

Oh my dear O! Felicitations! And what a beautiful way to celebrate…so often I find that nothing is more delightful than pure simplicity…be it for a dinner, d├ęcor or style…simple chic is timelessly enjoyable!

As a matter of fact, very simply is exactly how I spent my 1st weekend off the job. After a wondrous week of interning (I love it!) I decided to spend the weekend savouring every minute my two days of freedom brought - and how better than simple dinners with good food, better wine and even better friends!

This weekend simply confirmed how important it is to take life one step at a time…one bite at a time…one drink at a time… I also realized that the ability to savour life and the simplicities it offers, is not something everyone can master - it is an aptitude gained over time...with age.

Ironically my fellow interns at X, don’t understand this notion of simple savour. Over our Pret a Manger lunch this aft (yes, finally made a switch from delectable Cosi bread!) I was shocked to hear about their weekend gallivanting, frolicking and few too many drinks! From the heights of the UES at a Columbia party, to the depths of the LES on Rivington, these girls don’t waste a minute of free time. They party at night, after-party in the morning, brunch later that same morning (or afternoon), tea/shop later that afternoon (or early evening) and re-commence the cycle of insanities…

Now call me crazy, but how can one savour life when one is so busy running around ensuring they are keeping up with life?!? With a 2*th bday behind me, you can call me old…vintage…over the hill…but hell I know how to have a good time, and let me tell you, waking up hung over and tired to go to brunch on a Saturday is not fun!

Instead, I spent my weekend relaxing…savouring this new year in my life (ahhh slightly cringing at my new age!). From a wondrous evening of sushi and interminable conversation with a fab friend G. (conversation = something one canNOT do in a club!) to a ‘matinee’ of shopping through sales with a crazy great cousin to diner with a visiting girlfriend with just too much to tell and hear…to simply relaxing on a Sunday over desert with friends and no prise de tete…the weekend was just an absolute dream!

I’m now refreshed, relaxed and rebooted for a great week…Seeing the bags under my fellow interns eyes this morning…I don’t know if they can say the same ;) Ah…age can only make one wiser

Signing off!

F. xoxo

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  1. Flora, your internship sounds amazing and I am so glad you enjoyed your weekend. Of course I wish the three of us were on a beach somewhere together every weekend.. but that will happen soon enough! xxx Rose



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