Monday, January 11, 2010

Une Table pour Deux

Hi girls,
As you know, last night I celebrated my one year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend.  M. made a reservation at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, but since I am sick sick sick we had to cancel.  I started feeling sick in Deauville, but my cold hit full force when we got back to Paris on Sunday morning.  M. thought it would be best to postpone our decadent celebratory dinner.  Sniff sniff.

Sullen and disappointed, I agreed to go down to our local cafe for a tea and a chance to peruse a few fashion magazines.  I got the sense that M. was trying to get me out of the apartment, so I left to give him space.

You will not believe what was waiting for me when I returned...

A table for two set with my new stainless steel Laguiole knives and a vase of pink peonies (you know how I love them!)

Veuve Clicquot Rose...  My favorite!  What's better than champage?  Pink champagne!

Foie gras poêlé...  Another favorite!  What's better than foie gras?  You guessed it, foie gras poêlé!

The main course?  The most delicious filet mignon I have ever tasted!  He also made a homemade Caesar dressing for our petite salade.  We finished off our dinner with a plate of my favorite french cheeses.

There was, of course, a very sweet ending to my surprise anniversary dinner...  La Durée macarons!  We had a variety of different flavors, but I have a weakness for chocolat and rose!
Trop bon!

Despite being très sick it was a fabulous evening!  Alain Ducasse next week?  Je t'aime, M!

Bisous,  Ophelia


  1. I came across your site by accident and I just love your blog!
    I love your great photos and i follow too.

  2. oh my gosh, how romantic! so sweet- he's a keeper.
    Thanks for the follow, xo

  3. pretty pinks

  4. Happy 1 year :) You and M are a beautiful couple
    xxx Rose



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