Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lady of the French Coast

Hello Eternal Interns!
I am so sorry to have disappeared yet again!  My internship at the fashion magazine is coming to an end and I have been contemplating what to do with myself and my impending fun-employment.  Isn't it funny how one of us is always without work?  Rose is working away in La La land, Flora just started her new internship with Sofia and Ophelia is...

I must say I am not really worried about my lack of job prospects.  I am kind of looking forward to doing nothing for at least a few weeks.  I have decided that I will take a week or two before I commit to looking!  So what am I going to do in my free time?  I have a lot planned...

First up, a road trip!  Tomorrow after work,  the boyfriend and I are loading up the car and taking a little road trip to the coast!  I know it's not really the best time for the beach, but I have been feeling a little land-locked in Paris and could use a trip to the coast!  My destination?  Deauville, the "Lady of the French Coast"!  As mentioned, I am still reading my book on Chanel and with all the talk of Deauville I figured I should check it out myself.  Have either of you been?

From Deauville we'll take a drive up the coast to Etretat, best known for its beautiful cliffs and the famous natural arch.  These gorgeous cliffs have attracted artists and authors from Courbet to Monet to Montpassant, who spent most of his childhood in Etretat.  Naturally, I have my copy of Boule de Suif to read along the way!

More tales of fun-employment escapades to follow!

Gros bisous,



  1. I think everyone needs a break once in a while! Flora and I definitely got ours... so enjoy it in style!
    xxx Rose

  2. Be careful as you travel, coasts often look alike.
    Take the coasts of Normandy and Lake Ontario for instance.



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