Thursday, January 7, 2010

Room With A View

Hello Ladies,
I finally have a moment to write.  I miss you girls so much!  I am absolutely slammed... working 15 hour days!  Can't wait to cash in on all this work experience.  At the very least, I am happy to report that this eternal intern is enjoying an absolutely breathtaking view from the office. The producer I am working for is definitely a big personality, but I am hoping to learn a lot about how he runs his show (minus the neurotic behavior). 

The producer is in a fabulous mood... most of the city is on a high because it is AWARD SEASON!
On the list we have:
The People's Choice Awards
Producer Guild Awards
Director Guild Awards
Critic's Choice Awards
Golden Globes
SAG Awards
The Academy Awards aka Oscars

It is an absolute dream come true to be smack in the middle of all this... even though I am absolutely knackered! 

I love you both dearly and am thinking of you always!

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