Friday, January 29, 2010

A new generation of 'friendship'?

My dearest Eternal Interns,

How rampant imagination can be at a young age! I love the letter Ophelia!!

My email to you this evening, however, is not about my crazy antics of the past...I want your opinion on something of the present...As you know, I got back late late Wednesday night from the Hamptons...the event went fantastically...the presentation was a hit...the invitees were pleased...and THE editor in chief brilliantly content over one too many coupes de champagnes...

The next day as per usual - pre-running off frantically to work - I checked my gmail, checked my twitter and of course...checked my facebook...and there I saw: 1 new friend request. I smile (happy to know one more person on this earth wants to be my friend), I click, and then I frown...

Oh no! It was one of my fellow interns from X (the fake perfectionist to make matters worst!)! I guess she imagined the two days in the Hamptons had instantaneously made us close enough to become Facebook friends!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not an over-protective Facebook friender...but I've always had a rule about keeping my personal and professional lives separate. I don't like people I work with knowing what I'm up to...what I've been up to...and what I will be up to...There is a thin line of privacy at the office that I would just rather not cross.

So last night, over an apero with D., I mentioned my reticence to accept my fellow intern as a friend on facebook...obvisouly she responded with a direct: "But you're just an intern, it doesn't matter"...

And yet, to me, it does matter. I felt as though her comment was somewhat of a stab in the instataneous downgrade...I was pissed!!! Pissed, because whether I'm an Eternal Intern or an Eternal Employee, the question of privacy will not change. I do not want my workplace to see pictures of me wearing a Halloween costume...sunbathing in the sun...I do not want my colleagues to read comments on my "wall"...notice what I "like" or "dislike"...

Perhaps one day we can be proper 'friends' (in the Facebook sense of the term...) but until we cease to work together, I fear our friendship will limit itself to 'workplace' friendship...or 'intern' friendship...

But girls what do you think? Am I too radical? I do feel strongly about this and will not change my stance...but let me know what you think. Facebook has become such a strong element of our lives. I sometimes find it overwhelming! If only we could revert back to typewritters and that simplicity of life...

Oh, look at the time! I must jet! Bisous les filles!

Flora xoxo


  1. I have given up on having a "private" online identity. Online = public, now.

  2. I'm so intrigued by this whole thing and your whole blog. Will have to pop back here again! Yes, FB is a total dilemma.. What to do? I'm still figuring it out, going through different phases of acceptance..

  3. oh facebook does present quite a problem doesn't it!? i have to agree with you; though i realize how difficult would be to ignore a request or whatever. good luck dear!

  4. Put her on your limited profile. Then change the profile security on that to only show certain things (ie. nothing important).

    That's what I do with work people.


  5. i do agree with you on the fb thing.
    i do separate colleagues and friends.
    actually I'm not fb friends with a colleague until the internship is done.



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