Monday, January 25, 2010

The sweet flare of recognition...

Nope, haven't found "the one" (apartment!!) quite yet my dear Ophelia! I am of the same opinion as yours: why settle? That not only goes for boys and apts, but exactly as you mention in your last email: a job! Why settle on one profession? The luxury interning affords you, is exactly the opposite of settling: experimenting...deciphering what "the one" is...time...freedom! As I mentioned a while ago  "why settle on one, when you can have so many!"

As for me, however, I'm settling quite well into this intern position! As a matter of fact, I'm heading out early tomorrow to the Hamptons... Remember that ab-fab magazine I mentioned we had been working with? Well, it turns out we're partnering up with it on a series of events - the first being this ab-fab day of fun, folie and cocktails in Southampton!

We've rented out a beautiful space, and although we are still in the middle of winter...the trees are still leafless...and the sun has yet to bronze our skin...the Hamptons will be brilliant, given that the 'folie' of the spring has yet to start!

The most exciting yet, however, is the fact that THE magazine's editor will be presenting a presentation made by yours truly. heard me right...THE editor in chief of one of the world's greatest magazines chose to use MY powerpoint presentation as the backdrop for her speech...MINE!! And listen to this...she had TWO comments to make about it: "great" and "just change that word on slide 24". After countless hours of stress...slide after slide of perfection...fear and worry...THE editor in chief was content!

Ok so it's not the world's most important presentation...but you guys can't believe how happy I am to get recognition from this woman (and my lovely boss!).

As an intern, you so often get left behind...get pushed aside...get hidden between the cracks (or between Eternal Employees...), but today I really felt as a part of this organization. I sincerely felt as though I had been a key element in the organization of this event...I haven't had that feeling often, but does it ever feel good!
Hopefully all will go as planned with the event (and presentation!)...and hopefully this amazing feeling won't dissappear!

For now I'm going off to an early drive tomorrow (so excited!!!)! Bisous les filles...I'll let you know how all goes when I come home late Wednesday!

Flora xoxo

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