Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another One For The Books!

I have now officially hired not 1 but 2 new interns!  One is a student about to graduate from undergrad and the other is slightly older... More of the Eternal Intern type.  I will definitely let you know how it goes... Fingers crossed that I have made wise decisions!  I have never hired anyone before...

AA women are harmless as long as they keep their priorities in line.  Ambition is a healthy attribute for anyone, but when one loses sight of the important things in life, that’s when they evolve into miserable hags (much like Victoire)!  Ophelia, call me crazy... But I suspect that she is not getting any!  Sheesh!

Today was a special day for this Eternal Intern.  I did something that I never thought I would have the pleasure of doing at any point in my career... And to do it so early on... My gosh my heart was filled with joy!  

NOT!  (I’ve been a fan of NOT jokes since Borat)

Today I had the honor of taking the boss’ sick dog to the vet.  I picked it up from the house and spent about 3 hours hanging out with a huge Labrador that weighs almost as much as me!  

Most of the time I was holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t get sick in my car! Then the dog decided to pee all around the vet’s office... 
And when the Dr. asked me if I had brought a stool sample with me, I nearly died laughing... 
Are you kidding me?   
It’s not even my dog!

Well at least I got to be out in the sun for a few hours!

Just another story to add to the joyous career of an Eternal Intern.

Xxx Rose

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