Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Very Own Intern

Ophelia, I am 100% with you about manners in the work place... it is basic Management 101!

These last two weeks have been particularly interesting for me as an Eternal Intern.  Since my promotion, I have been assigned a group of interns of my very own!  Some of them are not the sharpest tools in the box, but there are a few interns that are part of the reason I am able to get through my days!

Last night my favorite intern stayed with me at the office for over 15 hours, and although most of the time he was simply keeping me company... I would undoubtedly have been crying by myself in the office by 10pm, trying desperately to finish up my long list of "to does".

I also spent the last week interviewing for new interns!  I don't even know what to look for!  I have a pile of resumes on my desk and have been asking myself...  WHAT DOES ONE LOOK FOR IN AN INTERN?  I don't just want any interns... I want to find myself fabulous Eternal Interns!!!

Should I take a chance on an eager student with no intern experience?
An experienced intern that is trying to create a network to call on in the future?
Unemployed writers trying to meet producers?

xxx Rose


  1. That is so interesting, what to look for in an intern. I say, follow your gut feeling! And then be smart about it:D

  2. thanks! I'm totally going with my gut...
    xxx rose



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