Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Thanks and congrats my dear"...

Rose, congrats mi amiga!! Amazing work there, and you are seriously in for good recommendations from your boss - an amazing thing to have!

An amazing recommendation is one thing I think I've lassooed as well! Lately, I've been spending my time lamenting over my "Eternal Employment" search, and I haven't been speaking too much about my amazing internship...One thing is for sure, it's still just as fabulous and yesterday confirmed just why it's gonna be so hard to say goodbye in 2 months once it ends!

We threw the most spectacular event yesterday, an exclusive, oh so fancy, cocktail bringing together the top women from the political, business, fashion and artistic spheres of NY at the most insane penthouse, terrace crazy set-up on 5th I have ever seen! All this for a very worthy cause and all benefits going directly to an amazing charity. There was seriously every key women from the NY scene...a tough  act to coordinate and execute, but a day that most definitely ended brilliantly after much, much, much preparation!

Come 8pm, after a day of running around... panicking over last minute details... trying to figure out exactly how to use my little weird ear-thing-walky talky... I was ready to kick back, call it a night...switch to the Burch flats I had wisely thrown into my bag...and just go home...That is, however, until just as I was about to say goodbye to everyone, Sofia swept in with a coupe of champagne and handed it to me. Tired, exhausted, I thanked her but said I probably shouldn't, but she insisted!! And insisted! And then, out of the blue, to my amazing embarassement, and in front of everyone who remained (just colleagues thank godddd!) she asked everyone for their attention, cleared her throat (I guess a few too many cigs cuz of the stress of the day...) and exclaimed her gratitude to ME and thanked me for MY help on this big event! She went on about how she couldn't have done this without me and how valuable an asset I have been!

Yes...oh yes my friends! In front of many X group people!! Including V. hehehehe!! Yes, Sofia congratulated the intern on her work - something so rarely done, but hell did it ever feel good!

Following a round of applause... red embarassment covering my cheeks...and friendly pats and hugs from fellow co-workers, I decided to drink the coupe up and definitely take advantage of the soiree! We took ourselves down to Pastis where to the surprise of everyone I had my usual fav meal there: trippes! Haha! yes they were all shocked! Hahahaha! But we seriously had a great amazing night! I was relaxed, I felt so good about my work, and for once I was super very proud to be an intern!

Just as I got out of the cab to get home after dinner, my BBerry got a msg...It was from Sofia...thanking me again for my amazing work!

A msg...a thank you...a sometimes seems like nothing, but my goodness, did it ever make me feel good last night!


Flora xoxo

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