Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Eternal Fashion Show Season

Rose - that is quite the comparison! I had never envisioned being an Eternal Intern that way!

Chicas, first and foremost, my apologies! I had pre-warned you that I would be insanely busy and that the arrival of the SS11 NY, London, Paris Fashion Shows was basically going to take over my life for the past few weeks!

Indeed, it did! I've been working around the clock...often over weekends...el novio can't believe it! He doesn't understand why I didn't opt for a career in M&A in would have been the same hours, for a very significant pay boost ;)

Of course, however, this is only temporary, seasonal...things have begun to calm down a little, since all the big action is over...Chanel in Paris...the 360 degree Marc Jacobs runway experience for Louis Vuitton, and that ab fab Burberry show in London!

Finally we can start the breathe again a little.

This question of finances, however, now does indeed come to mind...

I have finally received my first pay, and as joyous as I was to receive my pay-stub...I was a little dissapointed to see the level of the wage on it.

It's money, it's a start, it's a salary...but I had somewhat expected more!!

Indeed, compared to an I-banker - I am making peanuts!!

This said, post opening envelope and gasping at the low digits I realize that this is the price you pay for being happy and actually doing something you enjoy!!

And chicas, wait...I can't forget to tell you...but there are perks!!! Get ththis - I've met so many people in the last month, and ALL of them work in fashion/luxury...ALL of them get corporate discounts!!! I've already gotten a few Montblanc pens for el novio and others as Xmas gifts at an insane Employee Sale for insanely low prices! I've got a friend at Lacoste who is stocking up for me on polos (perfect for Xmas gifts yessss and summer basics!!).....I stocked up on the most amazing Allegra Hicks kaftans for the beach at Xmas because another London friend works there and Thuy NY adorably fantastic dresses!! Ah! All in all I am slowly but surely revamping my wardrobe with soooooo many beautiessss!!! Oh and I can't forget the ab fab Sergio Rossi heels my boss GAVE me, because they were a size too small for her! Ahhhh!!

So yes....the salary may not be quite up to par....and the hours can be long...but girls...I'm loving it!!

Ok, I litteraly just got home way too late! It's almost 4am, but I really wanted to write as it's been forever! El novio is back in town and we had a brillian evening...a simple dinner at Artisanal followed by a few too many cocktails at Rose Bar...and a quick spin at C's housewarming party...Ahhh I need to sleep!

I'll write more this week! I'm finally back!!!!!!!!!

Besitos to the two of u!!! Forgive me for the long silence??? Pretty please???

Flora xoxo

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