Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Battle Of The Sexes- Intern Style!

My new job is blowing my mind- in a good way!  I am loving the TV industry.  It is quite different from film and I am learning loads from a group of extremely talented individuals.  It is so nice to be back on a studio lot again as well, this time as a PAID intern!  I'm moving up the proverbial ladder, ladies, and it feels absolutely glorious.

What do I do at my new job?  To be honest I have spent the first weeks essentially competing with the male interns!  Being an intern on set involves a lot of lifting, shifting, standing, and all that jazz.  Well, I will be damned if I begin to be classified as the 'girl'!  It has happened to me in the past and I will never let it happen again.  We still live in a man's world, and therefore, everytime that physical labor is involved, I have been volunteering myself for the job.  Anything you can do, I can do better! Take that, other interns!  Kapow! 

All kidding aside, I am throuroughly excited about all the new connections that are blossoming from this internship, and even though I still dream of the day that I can afford to eat regular steak meals, I am quite content and satisfied at this moment of my life.  How many people can sincerely say that?

xxx Rose


  1. Kapow! I love it!!! I wonder what your cape looks like? ... "faster than a speeding bullet; stronger than any man!" Ha!!



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