Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Decor. An Inspiration. An Ambition.

Ophelia, I remember the days we used to ride together after school!  Remember we would switch into jodhpurs and boots in the bathroom near the music room! Our lockers used to stink of manure!! Hehe!!

Well, while you are riding into new adventures, I’m appreciating my newfound “salary” and doing something that Eternal Unpaid Internships haven’t let me do since I lived at mum and dad’s: decorating. Ever since I moved into this little apartment and had to renovate it quite intensely (solo!), I’ve dreamt of one thing: simply decorating it and adding my personal touch. Luckily, now that I have a job and a regular salary…the decorating has begun!

Yesterday, el novio and I spent the day repainting the walls with the most brilliant hue of Farrow and Ball paint (I looooove!)…Scared of being asphyxiated by the smell, we headed to Gracious Home on 3rd in the afternoon to get more stuff, and later stopped by Scalamandre to take a look at fabrics for curtains…The prices were a tad to pricey which led us west to the Fashion District where I found the most beautiful Toile de Jouy for our curtains…I love! The apt still looks like a battlefield…but I just can’t wait for everything to be finished, settled and beautiful!

I’ve always loved décor, and over the years have gotten to know the fashion/décor districts of many cities…from the 40s in the West in Manhattan to Le Marche St. Pierre in Paris, the Design District in Miami and Queen Street West in Toronto…whenever I visit a new city I’m unconsciously drawn to the décor/fashion districts…Could interior decorating be my calling? Could this be IT for me? I'm not professionally trained but I've always been told I have an eye for chic, impeccable taste and have always loved antiques and fabrics...Has this weekend of decor and handywork defined my future trajectory? Could this old pair of jeans and paint-stained t-shirt be my new outfit of choice (hmmm no not really!), hehe! I’m serious…my dream one day is seriously to have my own corner office at perhaps my own interior decorating firm! Spend my days picking out different fabrics, side tables, art work….When I think about it, it’s the one job that blends all of my passions (and previous work experiences hehe!)…

My dad is right though…He says…
- Focus on what you’re doing now…build yourself a network (and fill up that bank account!)…get the skills one can only get in a corporate structure, and when you’re ready branch out and do it! The skills you’re learning in event-planning right now are an asset too any entrepreneurial adventure, especially in décor…

Look we’ll see...TBC…For now, I’m just enjoying my pad and must focus on my Eternal Employment.

Besitos chicas!

Flora xoxo

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