Friday, November 19, 2010

An Intern Takes the Reins

Hello my dearest girls, 
Rose, I almost died laughing reading your latest letter.  I am so glad your humiliation translated into a job!  If we could all be so lucky!   And Flora, we will not discuss Kate and her Prince anymore.  I am so jealous! haha!  Not that I am interested in the balding future king of England, but could Kate Middleton be any more perfect?  It is nauseating to say the least!  

Well girls, while the future Princess Catherine is flaunting her ring around London, your friend Ophelia is also keeping busy in Paris with other regal endeavors.  I have taken up horseback riding!  I took lessons when I was young but quit when life got in the way (actually it got too cold and I didn't like waking up at the crack of dawn!).   My father, who affectionately referred to me as Marie Antoinette, pointed out that a girl without a job should probably focus her energy into employment and not equestrianism, but everyone needs a hobby, no?  

When you think about it, the life of an intern is a lot like riding, wouldn't you agree?  It is a series of obstacles and just when you think you have made it safely through the course, you run into a new hurdle! And so, I am going to channel my inner Betty Draper (could she look more fabulous in her riding duds?), my inner Charlotte Casiraghi (could she look more amazing in her Gucci?), my inner Zara Phillips and enjoy my new hobby while I am still a "lady of leisure"!  Because before I know it (fingers crossed!), I'll be back in the saddle at brand new job!  

Until then, giddy up!  I'll just keep going with the flow... at a gallop, of course! 

Bisous xx Ophelia 


  1. well said! enjoy your free time while it lasts :P
    best, annabel

  2. I am "interning" in Paris as well, and also did some horseback riding when younger. Where outside of Paris do you ride? I would love get back in the habit.

    Gross bises,


  3. HI Andie,
    I ride at Club Bayard in the bois de VIncennes! Great fun! xx O



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