Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is this it?

So I’ve finally been able to get a little rest…since the Wednesday night fiesta downstairs that uncovered unwanted bags under my eyes on Thursday, I have finally been able to catch up on sleep! Thank goodness for Zitomers on Mad and their miraculous Guerlain eye cream!!

Last night I caught up with D. who I haven’t seen in soooo long! We went to Peels in the East Village…which was unsurprisingly delicious and really quite sympathique…We celebrated my ‘full-time’ gig, made fun of my head to toe Tory Burch look (ok I overdid it!), and we had a lot of fun (I have a tad bit of a headache today…) It was a sublime evening…until…yes the dreaded until…she asked me:
- Flora, you’ve been dabbling in so many different things for so long…so many internships…in the art world, fashion, jewellery, decor…hell you even have a Master’s in Finance…Where do you see yourself later on? What is it you really want to do? Is this job “it” for you?

Right then and there…I froze…The seemingly  fabulous dinner, had just turned into the interview from hell…

But D. is right…Is this it for me? I’ve always loved so many things…I’ve excelled in each field…and I have a veritable passion for all…But, where do I see myself? Is this really what I want to do? Do I really want to be working at X in communications planning events for the rest of my life…? Am I the only eternally indecisive EI out there?

I didn’t want to admit it, but NO this is not “it” for me…I’ve always been far too ambitious and, I’ve always been a dreamer…I didn’t want to insult D. who has pretty much (yet again) sold her soul to another art gallery…but there is no way I will be doing this forever.

I explained to her that I’ve dabbled in each of these different fields to understand what it is that I really want to do - what I really, truly love….and to one day…get ready, be my own boss! I’ve always admired entrepreneurs…and I don’t believe I could settle for less than a corner office later on (in my own headquarters ;) doing exactly what it is I love…I’d love to find a way to blend my passion for decor, and all that is luxurious, love for communications and business acumen…Ahaaaaa….

Girls, I also didn’t tell D. this…but I actually have begun starting my own side business…it’s related to these passions/loves…I don’t really want to speak much about it yet, as it’s still not totally 100%, but as soon as it is, you 2 will be the first to know!

Ok I must jet…I’m meeting my dad at Via Quadronno for a hot chocolate haha!! Perhaps be can help me with this new little venture ;) Flora never stops!


Flora xoxo


  1. You go girl! I am loving your blog. Keep up the great work girls!

  2. There are statistics which say that in today's employment culture we should expect that the Gen Y's and younger will have on average 10 career changes. So right now, you're ahead of the curve dear Flora.



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