Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flora's Dream: Peace & Quiet!

A girl can indeed dream my dearest Ophelia! But you know what: dreams are what make life worthwhile! My mum always used to tell me, how can one live without dreams? Dreaming keeps you moving forward! I love to dream! And, let me tell you, right now I'm dreaming for one thing: quiet!! What do I mean you may ask...well I just want friggin peace and friggin quiet!

New neighbors moved into the apt downstairs a month ago. When I first met them, I was so happy to see that a young couple with a baby and cute little Jack Russel were replacing the old lady who infested the floor downstairs with all her moth balls (she has finally headed to an old age home...). Omg! You can't even imagine how strong it stunk every time I walked past her door...So I considered myself lucky last month as I saw this sweet Yuppy couple take over Ms. Stinky's apt...

Lucky, that is, until I realized these ppl are party animals! They throw parties almost every Monday and Tuesday nights...I've stayed super passive for the past 3 weeks, but last night at about 1am I had it! I was woken up by loud thumping music, loud talking and laughing and a baby crying ever 2 minutes...yes, all this at 1am on a Wednesday night! I couldn't sleep. I couldn't focus. I tried cotton balls in my ears - no luck. A pillow over my head - no luck. And so, I threw a pair of jeans on, stormed down the stairs half asleep and decided to get mad! How dare they! How dare they make so much noise so late and WITH A BABY!!!

Unfortunately, the Yuppy nice couple just isn't so nice after all! The man was rude to me...didn't lower the music .... and they kept partying until 4am!! I decided to try and stick it out and camped out on my kitchen floor, which is a little more insulated from the noise...I am officially a freak! Luckily I was able to get a good 3 hours of sleep, but you girls should see me now...I have the biggest bags under my eyes, I can't focus and's not even TGIF!!!

I swear, if they ever pull a party like that again, I'm calling the cops! I am seriously falling asleep right now...despite the 4 Starbucks double espressos I've downed I still can't focus....and to top it all off I have a mtg with my boss in an hour and I'm so not ready!! F*ck!!!!!!!

Flora xoxo

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