Sunday, November 7, 2010

Never Fool an Ex-Intern!

Rose! Congratulations - good for you man!! Money is money, and any money is better than no money!! Good job scoring that paid internship!

I'm writing you girls from sunny FLA...I headed down to the Keys this weekend with the feels good to take a little sun, relax and do simply nada! New York is getting cool and autumn has clearly graced us with her presence... I'll leave MIA tomorrow morning with the first AA flight out to get back!

Speaking of work, another crazy 'intern-event' happened last Friday...It seems to me that although 90% of the office is beginning to understand that I am indeed a full-time employee and not an intern...10% is still convinced I am an intern - and funny enough those 10% are interns themselves.

I've been working on a European event...quite a lot of work and coordination...and an intern from the PR team has been working on it too. Friday we had a meeting about what has to be done, info that needs to be retrieved etc.... You will never imagine what happened - I'm running the meeting, I ask her (the intern) to do a certain amount of tasks for me, and she looks at me and says NO! Yes, you heard me right, and so I quote:
-"You know Flora, it's best if you do X and Y, I've got much too much too handle right now, I'm going to be unable to this.".

Yes!!! The intern, flat out refused to carry out the tasks that were assigned to her by a full-time employee!!! Where is the logic?? Shouldn't she be on her knees accepting any work assigned to her?? Shouldn't she be thanking me and assuring me that all with be done on time and in a perfected manner?? I was stunned! Shocked! What has the intern world come to? Who is this intern? How can she think she can just turn me down like that? Little does she know, I've been in her shoes before, and in no way would I ever act like that! On the contrary I worked my little butt off as an intern!! Why are "interns" making my new-found full-time employee title so dang difficult!

So with that, I called the meeting over. Headed straight to my into my email, and yes... typed an impossibly evil email to her to confirm that she WOULD indeed so and so, and CCd pretty much the whole department.....and ended off with a big "Thank You!" as if nothing had ever happened....Vive la passive aggressiveness!!!

Did she answer? .... Yes... and the work should be done early this week!! Yessssssss!!!!

Haha! Thought that would give you a little laugh!! As a word of advice to all interns hehe...Never fool an ex-intern...

Must run chicas, but besitos!!

Flora xoxo

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